Yeah Field Trip!

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We've transitioned from one venue space into an entire town, therefore we want to support the community in which we're visiting in all ways possible. We priced this ticket where your overall cost can be the same as our past events. Housing is up to you and Marfa has a variety of options whether you want to camp beneath the stars with your family or have a grand suite to yourself, you can choose. We're happy to help you figure out what your best options are.

Check out the what/where page in a couple weeks and we'll have a list of our recommendations for all price points.


All information on refunds can be accessed here:

Q: Can I buy a discounted ticket and just come part of the time?
At this time we are not issuing day passes. Field Trip was specifically designed to be a community building event and we believe this can only happen if we all experience the 4 days together as a whole.