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Marfa Teachers !

Marfa Teachers !

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Hello and welcome ! If you've reached this page you are officially a teacher for Marfa Trip. We are ecstatic to have you and can't wait for this experience together. Please note the following: 

We are honored that you have said yes to bringing your craft to the table, it means an immense amount that is hard to verbalize. We hope that you are able to share your learnings as a teacher, but also find the time to experience all that Marfa Trip has to offer. Please feel free to attend classes and have coffee with any and all attendees. This is an open door to community. 

We ask that you promote on your social pages via stories and hard posts 2 times before 02/10/2019

Next step is to send your bio, headshot + class title/description !

You will in return receive a promo code that you will have to share with your followers as well as two free tickets to share as a giveaway on your page. The details will follow, as well.

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Please send all things to ! (2 L's, 2 S's, 2 R's) *unless otherwise instructed


We're sending love,

The Yeah Field Trip Team

Accommodation Station

This year is different from the others, this year you decide where you stay. 
Don't worry though, we'd never leave you high and dry, check out our accommodations page for details on how to get to Marfa and awesome places you can sleep while you're there!




All information on refunds can be accessed here:

Q: Can I buy a discounted ticket and just come part of the time?
At this time we are not issuing day passes. Field Trip was specifically designed to be a community building event and we believe this can only happen if we all experience the 4 days together as a whole.