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secret shh also thank you priced ticket to Marfa Trip:

February 28 - March 04, 2019
Marfa, Texas

3 Full Days + Nights of activities including:

Artist installations
10+ Self-development workshops
8 Life informing classes 
7 Wellness (physical + mental) gatherings
13 Community expanding activities
FREE CAMPING (if you so choose)
1 Easy-step to book housing + flights 
1 Really real DEBATE night
over 14 Photo activations (including the inside of hot air balloons)
149+ Instagrammable experiences (wow literally yes)
1 Learning of the right spelling for 'instagrammable'
2 Campfire music sessions
500 Connection to introverts, misfits, extroverts, and love
4 Musical performers
1 Legendary dance party
3 Days of Camera Checkout
1 Festival unlike anything ever before

Accommodation Station

This year is different from the others, this year you decide where you stay. 
Don't worry though, we'd never leave you high and dry, check out our accommodations page for details on how to get to Marfa and awesome places you can sleep while you're there!




All information on refunds can be accessed here:

Q: Can I buy a discounted ticket and just come part of the time?
At this time we are not issuing day passes. Field Trip was specifically designed to be a community building event and we believe this can only happen if we all experience the 4 days together as a whole.