Road Trip - Marfa 2017

Road Trip - Marfa 2017

Regular price $750.00

This ticket covers lodging, food, and all activities for one person during the Road Trip in Marfa, TX on May 2-4.

Double occupancy tickets will share a queen bed. If you'd like to have the accommodations to yourself, buy a Single Occupancy ticket.

Lodging will be at the famous El Cosmico camp ground in stylish safari tents.

Purchasing a "pillow" doesn't just get you a pillow. It reserves you a bed or a sleeping pad if your cabin is outfitted with a loft. The sleeping pads aren't quite mattresses, but they are much cushier than the type of sleeping pad one might sleep on if they were tent camping. We can guarantee you that you will sleep soundly in your temperature controlled cabin outfitted with a warm shower and a coffee machine. 
A buyout equals just that - a full cabin buyout! We highly suggest this option if you wish to sleep alone or want a guaranteed shared cabin with all of your best friends.